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How we market your property

Presidential Properties’ marketing team is among Boston’s best. We have multiple techniques that we use to display and sell real estate. The internet has become one of our most effective ways to market properties. Presidential is avidly involved with the industry’s search engines (MLS, LINK,,,,,,,, & more). Our large database of prospective buyers frequently purchase the homes we sell. Open Houses will be held on a frequent basis and private showings will be scheduled 7 days a week to ensure your property receives the exposure it deserves. A Brokers Open House will be held shortly after the initial listing process. This allows all Massachusetts real estate firms to view your property and suggest it to their current buyers.

Our website is frequently visited because it is easy to find, user friendly, consistently updated, and provides a large amount of information for every property. We have found that more information is better than less, and prospective buyers and sellers love having complete property information right at their fingertips with the use of the Internet.

Our company website manages each of our real estate properties by creating customized individual listing pages that are easily accessible and feature:

  • Information about each listing
  • Direct link to listing brochure, which can be printed out
  • Floor plan
  • Direct link to virtual tour
  • Interior and exterior pictures
  • Company and broker/agent contact information

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